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Literature & Fiction

Transvertos: Volume 1 (Sample)

'This is really insane, and I am more than positive of this being a dream.' Daria exhaled overwhelmed. 'You can call it as you wish, Daria. The only difference is that you will not wake up from it. Ever.' he stated firmly and walked away. What if you wake up one day and find out that you are immortal? Or maybe have extraordinary abilities that can change your life forever? Daria is a first-year university student in Oxford. She is going about her normal life when she starts getting strange symptoms including body pains, toothaches, and constant hunger. She chooses…
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Qualities of Professional Translation Services

Many people need to translate their documents but cannot tell the difference between professional translation services and non-professional ones. The quality of different translation services differs significantly. Some companies are one-man shows, where all the work is done by one person only. On the other hand, some translation services have hundreds of employees. Similarly, some companies have in-house employees while others prefer to have contracts with many freelance translators. However, looking at one point in isolation does not give you a reliable idea about the professionalism of a translation service. Here are some signs that may help you determine the…
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