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One of the Most Inspirational Fiction Novels

Books have the magical ability to transport us to other realms and realities to explore the depths of the human spirit through supernatural or outstanding means. When we read, we open our minds to unknown stories, characters, and fantastic happenings, they allow us to explore situations we would never encounter on our own. Through these portals, we can learn about ourselves and the world around us, it can open our eyes and awaken real physical emotions and betterment within ourselves through these journeys. When we invest in a character in a novel whether it's fiction or non-fiction their journey and…
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Literature & Fiction

‘So Absurd It Must Be True’ – The must-have book of the year!

The “must have” book of the year! One day it will all make sense to you…until then…grab the book to feed the good monster inside you. As you turn the pages of Victoria Ray’s debut book, you’ll realize, once again, that the mix of humor, erotica and sci-fi is always the best medicine and that absurd things happen all the time, such as: -A father of nine, who, on Valentine’s Day, is forced to have sex with every woman he meets -A crazy producer with 50 phobias, one of which is his last name -An author of an unfinished book,…
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Christian Books & Bibles

Full of Beans

From the perspective of FLDS Mormon lady, Maggie Jessop Jeffs, Full of Beans is a contemplative analogy of a deplorable paradox. Written from the heart with candor, deep sincerity, as well as frequent splashes of irony, Full of Beans is a discussion of Fundamentalist Mormon identity, faith and faithfulness, religious intolerance, human rights, contradictions of law, and the cheesiness of the moon. I was born and raised FLDS Mormon and lived forty-seven years among my people. Married twenty years, raised eight children, had many remarkable experiences, including a terrifying government raid on the YFZ Ranch in 2008 when hundreds of…
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